8 Things You Should Never Bring With You To The Job Interview

By | August 9, 2020
Things You Should Never Bring With You To The Job Interview

Gotten a job interview invite and the day is nigh, Congratulations!! As you plan for the D-day, it is important to know what you should and should not carry with you to the interview session.

There are a few items you should bring to the job interview with you: a printed copy of Your Resume, Portfolio, necessary other documents. An umbrella, maybe, if it’s raining.

Things You Never Bring With You To The Job Interview

There are several other things that you must never bring with you, since they can kill all your chances for winning the job no matter how terrific you think you are.

These include:

Your Parents

This is to all my millennial friends. I know you and your mum are close and the love in the family is very warm. But please leave your family at home, okay!

Just learn to grow up and represent yourself at the job interview.

You are not a child. Don’t act like one.

Your Pet

For God’s sake respect your pets and the recruiters office and keep the two entities separate to avoid any “conflict of interest”

Unless asked through the invite to come with your pet and demonstrate how you take care of it, just keep it out of the job interview equation.

I admit that if you brought a dog to an interview with me – as long as you had a good explanation – I’d be like “Awesome. A puppy!” but not everyone feels the same.

And just showing up with an animal, with no explanation, is indeed weird.

Your Phone

Of course you’ll have your phone on you. But turn it off and put it in your pocket, for heaven’s sake.

If you can’t show the interviewer the respect of offering your full attention for an hour or so, you don’t deserve the job. And you won’t get it.


You may have left home quite early and drove past the coffee shop. If you buy a cup of coffee for yourself then clear the contents before getting to the interview room.

Most employers are rich enough to offer you a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of water during the interview session so don’t show up carrying one.

You might spill it, there may be nowhere to put the cup when you’re done, so you wind up carrying it around, the hiring manager might think it’s rude.

It’s safer not to bring one.

A bottle of water is OK. However, be careful…

A Rival Company’s Merchandise

Lets reason together on this one my dear job candidate; so you got invited for an interview by KCB and then you show up with an Equity Bank branded notebook and pen. What exactly are you trying to tell KCB.

If part of the interview plan was to discuss the competition then you are safe,otherwise your message will be acted upon ASAP

Gossip Magazines

When it comes to the job interview, don’t bring any reading material that makes you look anything less than serious, intelligent, and professional.

This means the celebrity gossip magazines and the erotica should stay at home, under the bed, where they belong.

When going for an interview, avoid carrying those funny down-town gutter press publications with screaming headlines and unrelated content. They will injure you professional outlook.

Your Shopping

What was your priority for the day, the job interview or the shopping?

Do not send a message that will be interpreted to mean you took the interview just like any other activity in your busy list of to do things.

Make the interview the sole focus of your day.

You want and must to look like you really care about the job. Do your shopping later.


Whether it is a face to face interview or a virtual session, plan to control your appetite for the moment.

One hiring manager has a story about a job-seeker who ate her lunch during a virtual meeting. She didn’t get the job.

Give the interview meeting the serious commitment and concentration it deserves, don’t bring any food with you.

You want to present as uncluttered and streamlined a picture as possible and that’s hard to do when you’re laden with bags of stuff, coffees, cats and parents.

Carry as little as possible with you, be professional and make the best impression you can.

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