5 Fatal Mistakes Job Candidates Make During Interviews

By | August 9, 2020
5 Fatal Mistakes Job Candidates Make During Interviews

Receiving a job interview invite is a good sign that you did impress the potential employer with your cover letter and resume.

Getting Job easily in 2020 is very hard. Let’s read most important article on 5 Fatal Mistakes Job Candidates Make During Interviews.

5 Mistakes That Candidates Make During Interviews

While we hope that all shall work to your favor during the interview process, there are certain things, actions or mannerisms that will spell doom to your job search mission. You need to know and avoid them by all means.

They include:

Too Much Bragging

You wanted to show that you are the perfect fit for the job, so you went a little overboard – and it backfired.

Learn to operate within the interviewers boundaries and be moderate even in demonstrating your capabilities.

Be fast in reading the faces while giving your responses. You could just pick out a sign that you are giving too much information in a not so humble way.

You Didn’t Ask Any Question

Going to a job interview, you expect to be asked a lot of questions.

A job interview should also enable you, as a potential employee, to ask everything you want to know about the position.

Failing to ask questions makes the interviewer feel you aren’t interested in the job and that you may also not have done sufficient research on the same.

Making Up Answers To Questions You Don’t Know

This is always a bad idea – the interviewers will see right through you.

It is normally a deal breaker when an interviewer catches a job seeker lying about something during the interview.

Honesty can encompass everything from where you went to school or whether and why you’ve been fired, to the more subtle, such as a disingenuous response to the question; “What is your greatest weakness?”

Portraying a Poor Body Language

Body language can signal confidence or spell disaster if a candidate isn’t aware of how their physical presence is being received.

And experience isn’t enough to save you if you’re not paying attention to visual cues.

The following body language traits would spell doom to a job candidate during an interview

  • Failure to make eye contact
  • Not smiling
  • Playing with something on the table
  • Having bad posture
  • Fidgeting too much in their seats
  • Crossing their arms over their chests
  • Playing with their hair or touching their faces
  • Having a weak handshake
  • Using too many hand gestures
  • Having a handshake that was too strong

Answering with “Yes” or “No”

You were too nervous, so you just said “yes” or “no” to critical interview questions that needed you to think through and sell yourself well through your detailed responses.

It is always good to elaborate your answers to show you really understood the question.

You don’t get a second chance on a job interview – there is no second first impression, and that is why you need to work on your interview skills.

And yes, you can practice how to be good at it – interviewing is a learned skill.

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