How to Study IT Courses in Singapore?

By | January 23, 2022
Study IT Courses in Singapore

An IT expert may have acquired the diploma, or an undergraduate degree leading to BS, BSc or degree in engineering. Those who want to pursue the career in research or teaching, opt for the PhD. Education in Singapore has also many Information Technology courses.

This article enlists the names of the institutions and the universities that conduct these courses.

List of top Universities in Singapore

Here we list 9 Universities of Singapore for IT courses:

1. National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is consistently ranked as one of the leading global universities that are based in Asia. NUS has 3 research centers of excellence and 22 university level research institutes. It offers the PhD the admission for the doctorate is given to those that have good academics and also show the strong interest in research.

The graduate program at NUS is also called the Master of computing. It is the comprehensive and challenging graduate program with area specializations. It encompasses latest research findings.The program also provides advanced and in depth knowledge of IT to prepare the students for the challenge in the IT Career.

The Undergraduate Programs of NUS are many. The Computer Engineering program is of 4 yrs duration. The students learn Mathematics, information sciences, computing in the initial stage. In the senior years, they also choose from the electives that are based on the area of the special interest. General education topics are also taught to them to broaden their horizons. The students need to opt for the business module too.

They have a juniors program for those who have the keen interest in mathematics and also want to solve the real world problems by applying it in the creative way. Another program on offer is in the field of computing in electronic commerce. As is evident from the name of the course, it helps the students to equip themselves with the nuances of internet and the mobile technologies. At the core of this program is to enhance the ability of the student to understand the business potential.

2. TMC Academy

TMC is the private institution which has been there in the field of education since 1981. They endeavor to provide internationally recognized standards of education. They also offer the diploma and higher diploma in Information technology. In addition to the main subjects the students have to take up the project where they learn to apply the skills and the knowledge learnt in the higher diploma. TMC has the fee production scheme where in all the fee paid by the student except the application money and the miscellaneous is protected.

study in top Universities of Singapore


3. Singapore University of technology and design

The University has been set up in collaboration with the world famous Massachusetts institute of technology. They have many programs to offer, ranging from undergraduates to graduate to doctrol. With the plenty of options in the field of information technology, students have the very wide choice.

The university offers financial aid through the loans and awards to the meritorious and needy students but beneficiaries have to be only Singapore citizens or the permanent residents. Their idea is to take only the promising students.

There are other means of funding available through the scholarships, the corporate sponsorships and internships and the fee subsidy etc. They also have the long list of scholarships funding schemes.These are available to the overseas students as well.

4. SIM University

At SIM University Singapore the students are also offered the b.Sc degree in three disciplines. The university has the tie ups with the national university of Singapore and Nan yang technological university Singapore for the academic collaboration.

The faculty, research and curriculum development are the areas where these universities guide and help SIM University.

5. Nan yang technological University

The university offers two undergraduate programs that lead to the bachelor degree in engineering. Both the programs are of two years duration. One leads to the degree in computer engineering and other in the computer science.

There is an overlap of some subjects between the computer engineering and the computer science. Computer Science courses puts more emphasis on the software design. This course has the practice orientated application. The industrial attachment is the part of the curriculum which all the students must undertake.

6. Singapore University of Technology and Design

Students are offered the diploma in information technology called DIT. Its DMIT department was set up by the Singapore economic development board in collaboration with the Japanese government. The students can choose anyone out of five streams software design is one of them.

Their teaching is based on the design thinking a novel concept that has taken the academic institutions world over by storm. The institute gives the students an offer to hone their communication skills.

Their industry partners are Apple, HCL, and Nokia among many others. The alumni have become software engineers, solution architects and the project managers.

7. Tamasek Polytechnic

Tamasek Polytechnic has an offer as many as 42 full-time diplomas, with 15,000 students on its rolls. The universities within as well as outside Singapore recognize these diplomas and the students can opt for higher degrees based on these diplomas.

Their school of Informatics and IT offers the three year diploma course in Information technology. They teach the students about the innovative software so that they become competent to handle the software requirement of the individual and business. The polytechnic has the student internship program meant to gain the experience in companies in Singapore or overseas.

8. Republic polytechnic

Popularly known as RP has recently completed the decade of nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship. Their approach to teaching is unique as it is problem based learning approach.

They have signed many MOUs with the leading industries. This is the testimony to their standards of education. Republic Polytechnic conducts the diploma in three disciplines each of three years duration. They are diploma in IT, Service Management and Multimedia and Game development.

9. Ngee Ann polytechnic

The school of Information technology of Ngee Ann polytechnic offers 3 years diploma in Information technology. Some of their information technology program has the blend of finance, marketing. That makes the diploma holders confident of establishing their own startups.

Thank you for reading. We hope you will get the information that you want. Furthermore, if you have any questions about how to Study IT Courses in Singapore, then do comment below.

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