11 Shameful but Avoidable Reasons That Could Get You Fired From Your Job

By | August 13, 2020
Reasons That Could Get You Fired From Your Job

Fighting in the office could see you get fired from your job.

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Today we are going to tell you 11 shameful but avoidable reasons that could get you fired from your job.

Through your career journey you will navigate bumps and valleys and sometimes (I pray this will be most of the time) you will enjoy the career super highway ride.

Some of the bumpy moments may be so bad to the point of being fired. While some reasons for being fired may be acceptable, there are those that are outright bizarre and unacceptable.

They leave you looking unwise, unprofessional and unreliable.

Avoidable Reasons That Could Get You Fired From Your Job

These are reasons that defy the universal expectation of workplace conduct regardless of the grade, industry, pay etc. They are totally in your control as an employee and you can make a wise decision never to allow them anywhere around your career residence.

Stealing Company Property

I have witnessed colleagues being fired for stealing alcohol from the company storeroom. Another was caught ferrying a rim of printing papers and marker pens out of the office after work.

Yet still another staff stole the office laptop and claimed he was robbed and supported the claim with a police abstract. One month after the “incidence” the technical team reported of several pings to the laptop from the same location. Security teams were put to task and to the shock of everyone, the laptop was found at his girlfriends’ house.

Stealing as a habit does not fall on us like rain from heaven. We make a choice to steal. No employer will tolerate it.

Next time you feel tempted to carry office property from the workplace without permission, remind yourself that it is not the skill for which you were recruited.

It is such an embarrassing moment to be caught red handed even more to go home and report to your family members that you were fired for stealing your employer’s property.

Too Much Social Media

too much social media is Reasons That Could Get You Fired From Your Job

We are living in the age where social media has been made to look like nutritional supplements which we need to consume every other hour or risk being locked out of the sweet happenings of our universe.

Unless your job description demands frequent usage and reference to social media, then you ought to be measured on how you consume it at the workplace.

All employees are supposedly mature to make responsible choices and avoid cases where your seniors consistently warn you about spending too much time on Facebook, Instagram, blogging etc at the expense of your job.

It is a shame when you get fired for having an insatiable social media appetite (while expecting to earn a salary) to the detriment of your career aspirations.

Lying to a Client or Your Boss/Colleagues

Most organizations operate on the asset called “employee – employer trust”. Your word is trusted at the workplace.

When your bosses entrust you with an assignment they expect a timely delivery, feedback and honest communication. All your clients have the same expectations.

Whenever you start lying to your bosses and clients alike, you lay a shaky foundation for your career stay in that organization.

Your employer will be mad when they discover you have been lying in your interactions. Clients will come complaining to your organization when you lie to them as well.
This complains taint the brand image of your organization.

It’s a shame being fired for lying when you had the opportunity to tell the truth even if it was not the sweetest thing to say.

Lying makes your boss/client feel disrespected. Just be diligent in your work and be truthful.

Disrespecting Your Boss

Besides lying to your bosses, outright disrespect will spell doom to your career ambitions.

As an employee you know that you must respect your boss irrespective of your differences. You may have a different opinion on how work has to be done. Well, voice it respectfully having in mind the fact that at the end of the day the boss will have his/her way.

Refusing to take instructions or roles delegated to you is a big show of pride and disrespect which will be punished by you losing your job.

You do not need to agree with your boss on every matter but you must respect him/her in every matter.

Bullying or Harassing a Colleague

harassing a colleague - Reasons That Could Get You Fired From Your Job

Workplace bullying or harassment of any form is awkward and unwelcome.

You were employed to deliver results in an environment of respect. You have a duty of creating and maintaining the same environment for your workmates.

It is quite immature and a show of lack of respect to your colleagues when you bully or harass them and get fired as a result (irrespective of the form of harassment).

You can make a choice to respect both your juniors and seniors and to engage with them in a professional manner. It is in your power to do that.

This is interesting. You were employed because you demonstrated certain competences then once you get job you decide not to give it your best shot.

Why on earth would someone leave their comfortable house/home in the morning to go to the office to sleep on the job?

This is an embarrassing reason to get you fired.

Remain committed to the job you so desperately wanted and now you got it.


Some workplace habits are outright annoying, unprofessional and intolerable.

If you are the type that has perfected the art of reporting late to the office every morning then you will soon be unceremoniously bidding farewell to the same office.

Consistent lateness is a manifestation of laziness, poor planning and lack of enthusiasm for your job. No boss will want to retain such a team member for long since they kill the morale of the organised and enthusiastic team members besides being unreliable.

Fighting in The Office

Fighting in The Office - Reasons That Could Get You Fired From Your Job

No matter how enraged you are at your colleague(s), fighting to express your anger is a big NO in the workplace. You need to engage all your mental faculties in the right way and speed in order to resolve every conflict in a professional manner.

I have been told of a case where two ladies squared it off in the office courtesy of a male colleague to whom they were all laying a romantic claim on.

At the end of the fight, they were both shown the door. The gentleman is still a valued asset to the company to date.

Only animals’ fight, human beings especially in a professional environment think and act decisively.

Leaking Confidential Company Information

As an employee you have an express or implied duty to safeguard your employer’s information from landing on wrong hands. Besides its’ common sense that you should not disclose confidential information to third parties.

When you break this trust, your employer has no obligation to keep you around. You will be fired immediately and this may have far reaching consequences on your future career aspirations.

The speed of trust is paramount in keeping a healthy relationship with your employer(s)

Not Reporting Inappropriate Business Practices

One big company recently fired six of its employees for breaching business ethics. Some of the fired staff were punished because they were aware that their colleagues has participated in unethical business practices but failed to properly report the situation in a timely manner.

Keeping quiet when you see a wrong thing being done in the workplace makes you an accomplice and an irresponsible staff. You cannot be trusted yet it was in your power to change the game to your favor and for the safety of the business.

Lying On Your Resume is Reasons That Could Get You Fired From Your Job

You took your time to draft your resume and included information that was false. This could have been your education qualifications, work experience, previous salary bracket etc.

Read Tips You Must Consider in Your Cover Letter.

When you secure employment courtesy of the wrong information, then you start walking on a time bomb right from day one.

When HR through the employment audits catches up with your lies, you will be fired.

Avoid the pressure of exaggerating your talent worth. Be who you are and be willing to learn and grow into what you wish to be.

Now read 11th reasons that could get you Fired from your job.

Staggering Into The Office Drunk

Whether you call it courage or foolishness, some employees have it in full measures and very few employers will have the grace to want to know what could be happening in your life that prompted your office drunken stupor.

Why would you turn alcohol to be your breakfast on a working day and thereafter head to the office unless if you wanted to provoke your employer into action?

All said and done, the above mentioned reasons can be avoided in order to develop a healthy working relationship with your employer.

As you head to the office make a mental note to do the right thing and to respect all your colleagues every day and all the time.

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Thank you for reading avoidable reasons that could get you fired from your job. If you have any query related your career, do comment below.

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