Motion IIT JEE Study Material PDF Free Download [Physics, Chemistry, Math’s]

By | April 15, 2021
Motion IIT JEE Study Material PDF Free Download

Read Motion study material pdf explains difficult JEE topics using diagrams and illustrations. Motion IIT JEE test series contains all solved examples and exercises with each chapter.

The comprehensive etoos study material help students to understand the fundamental concepts easily. study material for IIT jee pdf provides all the important information required to prepare for the JEE and IIT exam.

Here you can free download Motion study material in Pdf format.

Motion IIT JEE Study Material

The Motion is one of the top Institutes of Kota for IIT, JEE main and advanced, AIIMS, KVPY, NEET, NTSE and it is a famous name in the education industry to provide valuable educational services to students.

Motion IIT JEE Modules Physics PDF

Download All Chapters

Chapter no Chapter Name Download Links
1 Alternating Current Read or Download
2 Capacitance Read or Download
3 Centre Of Mass Read or Download
4 Circular Motion & Work Power Energy (W.P.E) Download
5 Constraints, Nlm & Friction Read or Download
6 Circular WPE Download Now
7 Current Electricity Download PDF
8 Electro-Magnetic Induction (E.M.I) Download Now
9 Elasticity And Thermal Expansion Download
10 Electrostatics 1 and 2 Download | Part 2
12 Errors Download PDF
13 Fluids Download Now
14 Geometrical Optics Download
15 Gravitation Download Now
16 Heat –  1 and 2 Download | Part 2
18 Kinematics Download
19 Magnetism Download Now
20 Modern Physics – 1 and 2 Download Now | Part 2
22 Rotational Motion Download
23 Simple Harmonic Motion (S.H.M) Download PDF
24 Sound Waves Read or Download
25 Surface Tension & Viscosity Download
26 Units And Dimensions Download Now
27 Vector & Calculus Download
28 Wave Optics Download

Chemistry Motion IIT JEE Modules PDF

Download All Chapters

 No Chapter Name Download Links
1 Acidity & Basicity Read or Download
2 Alcohols & Ethers Read or Download
3 Alkyl Halides Read or Download
4 Aromatic Compounds Read or Download
5 Atomic Structure Read or Download
6 Biomolecules Read or Download
7 Carbonyl Compounds Download now
8 Carboxylic Acids & Amines Download now
9 Chemical Bonding Download now
10 Chemical Equilibrium Download now
11 Chemical Kinetics Download now
12 Coordination Compounds Download now
13 Electro Chemistry Read or Download
14 Gaseous State Download
15 General Organic Chemistry (G.O.C) Download
16 Grignard Reagents Download
17 Hydrocarbons Read or Download
18 Ionic Equilibrium Download Now
19 Isomerism Download
20 Liquid Solution Download
21 Metallurgy Download PDF
22 Periodic Table Download
23 Redox Reactions Download
24 Salt Analysis Download PDF
25 Solid State Download
26 Stoichiometry- 1 Download Part 1 | Part 2
27 Thermo Chemistry Download now
28 Thermodynamics Read or Download

Mathematics Notes  Motion IIT JEE Modules PDF Chapter Name Download Links
1 Logarithm Download
2 Trigonometric Ratio & Identities Download
3 Quadratic Equation Download
4 Sequence & Series Download
5 Binomial Theorem Download
6 Trigonometric Equations Download
7 Solutions of Triangle Download
8 Straight Line Download
9 Circle Download
10 Determinants & Matrices Download
11 Download
12 Download
13 Functions Download
14 ITF Download
15 Limits Download
16 Continuity & Differentiability Download
17 MOD Download
18 Application of Derivatives Download
19 Indefinite Integration Download
20 Definite Integration Download
21 Vector Download
22 3D Geometry Download
23 Differential Equations Download
24 Area Under the Curve Download
25 Complex Number Download
26 Parabola Download
27 Ellipse Download
28 Hyperbola Download

We hope you like the questions and answers provided in the above Free IIT JEE Material PDF that would be helpful for your exam preparation.

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