Lexicon Ethics Book Pdf Download (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude)

By | April 16, 2022
Lexicon Ethics Book Pdf Download

Lexicon Ethics Latest Edition contains a system of moral principles. Ethics Book for UPSC in Hindi Pdf explains what is good for individuals and society and also describes moral philosophy.

Ethics integrity and aptitude Pdf covers the ethics section in a very detailed and comprehensive manner. This Lexicon Ethics Pdf is designed in such a way that students can easily grasp each concept of ethics. This book is exactly as per the UPSC GS4 syllabus.

This Lexicon Ethics Book Pdf Download is Specially devised for General Studies Paper IV. Quotes and ethical issues are included, We think this is the best book for Gs4.

Lexicon Ethics Book pdf is categorized with their genres for easy understanding. Ethics by Lexicon Pdf useful for civil services examination.

Book NameLexicon for Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude
EditorN. N. Ojha
Concept & ResearchNiraj Kumar
Book LanguageEnglish
PublisherChronicle Books

Lexicon Ethics Book PDF

This newest edition (2022) contains a glossary on terms related to Ethics. It is the most perfect combination of everything one could ask for!

This is the compilation of all topics in the UPSC GS 4 exam paper. Let’s read which important topics are covered in this book.

Book Contents:

  1. Ethics and Human Interface
  2. Human Values
  3. Attitude
  4. Aptitude and foundational values for Civil Service
  5. Emotional intelligence-concepts
  6. Contributions of moral thinkers and philosophers
  7. Public/Civil service values and Ethics in Public administration
  8. Probity in Governance
  9. Case Studies on the above issues
  10. 2013 GS Paper- IV with solution
  11. Index

Book Features

  • A comprehensive dictionary of Terminologies with Case studies.
  • Most useful for GS-4, Cover everything
  • It gives objective solutions of the question for solving the Case Study Questions.
  • It explains the meaning of each topic in detail related to the Ethics subject.
  • This book pdf provides excellent strategies for solving case studies asked in the previous year’s question paper.

Let’s download Lexicon Ethics Book Pdf:

Lexicon Ethics Book Pdf (Lexicon For Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude) – Download

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This is book must read by each and every UPSC aspirant.

We are soon available this PDF book for Hindi medium students also. We hope this book Ethics Integrity and Aptitude by Lexicon will help you during your civil services examination.

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  1. Moliya Isha

    It is a really good book to read for UPSC General Study 4 exam paper.


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