Career in Web Designing: Qualification, Career Prospects & Freelance Work

By | November 6, 2020
Career in Web Designing Qualification, Career Prospects & Freelance Work

The art of designing and combining pages together in a way to form a website is called Web Designing.

A web designer is accountable to conceptualize, design and fabricate a website according to the demand of the clients and needs of the target audience.

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A web designer is responsible for the development and maintenance of each and every aspect of a website consisting of technical expertise required for the website, communication with clients to understand their requirements as well as designing of the website by giving each a unique edge.


The minimum qualification required to enter web designing stream is a bachelor’s degree in any stream but as web designing falls under IT section it is useful to have a computer science background.

A certificate or diploma course in web designing and knowledge of programming like HTML, java script, SSI, CSS, MS SQL, ColdFusion, CGI, PHP etc. as well as knowledge of design applications including Macromedia flash, Photoshop, FrontPage, Dreamweaver etc. are very useful.

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Career Prospects in Web Designing

A web designing job requires a lot of technical as well interpersonal skills therefore a web designer have to be a good listener and a communicator too, team work, leadership, hard work, creative aptitude are qualities of a successful web designer.

Hence, we can say that web designers are the need for all industries and organizations. With globalization organizations need to publicize them in order to retain and expand business and websites no doubts have maximum reach for that.

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Therefore, whether it’s a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, or large organizations and firms they all require websites and employ web designers to develop and maintain their websites.

Web Designer Work as Freelancer

Web Designer don’t need a office setup or anything else. As a web designer you need one laptop or pc and good internet connection. As a freelance web designer you are work from home or from everywhere.

The main question is, where from you can get work of web designing?

You can easy get work online. Here we listed some web portal, in that you need to list your self as a web designer and show your portfolio or previous work in that portal.

Some of famous web designing online portal are:

  • LinkedIN
  • ETSY
  • BeamStart

List of Software used for Web Designing:

  • Epicpxls
  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • Webflow
  • Vev
  • RapidWeaver

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These are all about career in web designing. In addition, if you have any question, please do comment below.

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    1. Kartik Gohel Post author

      Fine. You need to join any company as a intern for web designer. After 6 month you will get pretty good salary in same company or in other company, Best of luck!

    1. Kartik Gohel Post author

      There are various Career option after course..
      1. Web designer
      2. UX designer
      3. UX researcher
      4. Multimedia programmer
      5. Multimedia specialist
      6. Game developer

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    I am currently doing web designing course in Pune. This article is very useful for me to find my work.


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