Anthropology Books PDF For UPSC

By | January 24, 2023
Anthropology Books PDF For UPSC

For those preparing for the UPSC exams, Anthropology can be a difficult topic to understand. With so much to learn and understand, it is essential to have the right resources in hand. Fortunately, there are variety of anthropology books available in PDF format to help you get a better awareness of the subject.

From comprehensive overviews of the field to detailed examinations of its many sub-disciplines, these books offer a wealth of information that can help you ace your UPSC exams. Read on to discover the best anthropology books PDF for UPSC.

Anthropology Books for UPSC Exam

Paper 1

If you’re studying for the UPSC optional paper 1 in Anthropology, then the following books are highly recommended to help you understand and master the topics of the paper.
These books cover a range of topics, including the development of anthropology, the relationship with other disciplines, human evolution, and more.
For a thorough understanding of the subject matter, we suggest the following books:

  1. Introducing Sociology NCERT Class 11
  2. Measuring Time (Chapter 2) of Indian Prehistory – D.K Bhattacharya
  3. Biology NCERT Class XII
  4. Physical Anthropology – P. Nath
  5. IGNOU MA Course for Anthropology
  6. An Introduction to Social-Cultural Anthropology – N.K Vaid
  7. An Introduction to Social Anthropology – D.N. Majumdar and T.N. Madan (for a basic understanding of Anthropology)
  8. Anthropological Theories – Makhan Jha
  9. Biology NCERT book For Class Xll (Chapters 5, 6, 7).

If you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of Anthropology for your UPSC paper 1, then the above books are the perfect choice. With their clear and concise explanations, they will help you understand and master the topics of the paper.

Paper 2

When it comes to the Best Anthropology Books for UPSC optional paper 2, candidates must make their choice thoughtfully. This section includes very crucial topics related to Indian culture and questions from this section can be asked in the interview round as well, hence it is important to be well-informed and prepared. To help you in this endeavour, here is a list of the Best Anthropology Books for UPSC:

  1. Indian Anthropology – Nadeem Hasnain
  2. Indian Society – NCERT Class XII
  3. The Tribal Culture of India – LP Vidyarthi
  4. Xaxa Report
  5. Indian Society – NCERT Class XII
  6. Tribal India – Nadeem Hasnain
  7. Anthropology Simplified – Vivek Bhasme
  8. January 2014 edition of Yojana – Tribal and Marginalized Communities
  9. History of Anthropology Thought by Gaya Pandey & Vijay S Upadhyay

By going through these books, you will be able to build a strong foundation of knowledge related to Indian Anthropology. So make sure to go through each of these books thoroughly to get an in-depth understanding and ace your UPSC optional paper 2.

Download UPSC Anthropology Books PDF

Anthropology Notes by Braintree Volume 1 Book – Download PDF

Socio-Cultural, Physical and Indian Anthropology Notes by Braintree Vol. 2 – Download PDF

Anthropology Notes by Braintree Volume 3 Book PDF – Download

Anthropology Notes by Braintree Vol. 4 PDF Book – Download

General Anthropology by NADEEM HASNAIN –  Download PDF

These are some of the best Anthropology books PDF for UPSC that you can download for free. The books cover a wide range of topics and provide valuable information on the subject. Make sure to read the books thoroughly and understand the topics so that you can ace your UPSC exams.

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