Cloud Computing MCQ Quiz Set 12

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Question 1. The measures of centrality include ___________.

(A) Betweenness

(B) Closeness

(C) Degree

(D) All of the above

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(D) All of the above 

Question 2. Nodes in the network analysis graph represent the ________ and the edges represent the relationships between nodes.

(A) Actors

(B) Nodes

(C) Users

(D) Both a and b

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(D) Both a and b 

Question 3. JOES stands for ________ .

(A) Joint Expensive Operating System

(B) Just Expensive Operating System

(C) Just Enough Operating System

(D) Joined Environmental Operating System

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(C) Just Enough Operating System

Question 4. Arrange the stages in supply chain management:

  • i. Material and Equipment Supplies
  • ii. Delivery of Products
  • iii. After Sale Service and Returns
  • iv. Planning and Coordination
  • v. Manufacturing and Testing

(A) iv, v, i, ii, iii

(B) iv, i, v, iii, ii

(C) iv, i, v, ii, iii

(D) i, ii, iv, v, ii

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(C) iv, i, v, ii, iii 

Question 5. Which is the latest Operating System?

(A) Real-time OS

(B) Desktop OS

(C) Mainframe OS

(D) Cloud OS

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(D) Cloud OS 

Question 6. In future, companies wont worry about the capital for large data center because of ___________. 

(A) SaaS solution

(B) PaaS solution

(C) IaaS solution

(D) None of the above

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(B) PaaS solution 

Question 7. Responsibility of OS developers to add new feature in existing OS are ________.

(A) More reliability

(B) Convenience and security

(C) Compatibility

(D) All of the above

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(D) All of the above 

Question 8. CometCloud supports policy based autonomic______ and_______. 

(A) CloudBursting

(B) CloudBridging

(C) None

(D) Both A and B

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(D) Both A and B 

Question 9. _________ is an autonomic cloud engine whose basic aim is to realize a virtual component of cloud with computing capability. 

(A) CometCloud

(B) AsteroidCloud

(C) StarCloud

(D) PlanetCloud

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(A) CometCloud 

Question 10. In Comet, a tuple is a simple ___ string.

(A) Java

(B) Python



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(C) XML 

Question 11. Which are the three conceptual layers in CometCloud?

(A) Development, Application, Physical

(B) Infrastructure, Dynamic, Static

(C) Transport, Network, Programming

(D) Programming, Service, Infrastructure

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(D) Programming, Service, Infrastructure

Question 12. The cloud media services are ___________.

(A) Cloud gaming

(B) Experiencing multiscreens

(C) Image Processing

(D) All of the above

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(D) All of the above 

Question 13. Which of the following policies is not mentioned in ‘not to violate’ regarding CloudBurst?

(A) Deadline-based

(B) Budget-based

(C) Quality-based

(D) Workload-based

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(C) Quality-based 

Question 14. SEEP is used in _________ .

(A) Energy optimization

(B) Multimedia

(C) Information leakage

(D) Cost reduction

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(A) Energy optimization 

Question 15. KPI stands for ___________. 

(A) Key Practices in Industry

(B) Key Performance Index

(C) Key Performance Indicators

(D) Key Parameters in Information

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(C) Key Performance Indicators 

Question 16. Keywords in Docker are ________.

(A) Develop, ship, run anywhere

(B) Create, export

(C) Transport, cloud

(D) User, data, privacy

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(A) Develop, ship, run anywhere 

Question 17. SEEP stands for _________. 

(A) System End to End Protocol

(B) Static Environmental Execution Process

(C) Symbolic Execution and Energy Profiles

(D) State Execution And Energy Profiles

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(C) Symbolic Execution and Energy Profiles

Question 18. Which containers are used by Docker servers? 

(A) Windows

(B) Android

(C) Linux

(D) Mac

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(C) Linux

Question 19. Docker is generally configured to use TCP port ____ while executing unencrypted traffic.

(A) 3306

(B) 53378

(C) 2375

(D) 2376

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(C) 2375 

Question 20. Two main components in Docker are  __________.

(A) Master, slave

(B) Client, server

(C) Client, master

(D) All of the above

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(B) Client, server 

Question 21. Docker is generally configured to use TCP port ____ while managing encrypted traffic.

(A) 3306

(B) 53378

(C) 2375

(D) 2376

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(D) 2376 

Question 22. CNS stands for __________.

(A) Consumption Near Sweet-Spot

(B) Continuous Network System

(C) Compact Neural System

(D) Compound Near Sweet-Sp0t

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(A) Consumption Near Sweet Spot

Question 23. The examples of deployment tools are __________.

(A) Docker’s storm

(B) New Relic’s Centurion

(C) Spotify’s Helios

(D) All of the above

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(D) All of the above 

Question 24. Basic approach of Docker as a company is ___________.

(A) “batteries included but removable”

(B) “batteries included but non-removable”

(C) “batteries but chargeable”

(D) “battery lessexecution”

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(A) “batteries included but removable”

Question 25. Docker can simplify both, ________ and _________.

(A) Process, state

(B) Behavior, aspect

(C) Workflows, communication

(D) All of the above

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(C) Workflows, communication
Quiz Set12345678910111213