Attack on Peshawar school (Pakistan) and those innocent children

By | August 1, 2017

Poem on – Attack on Peshawar school Pakistan and those innocent children

Apart from national security and international politics, when it comes to arts and creativity like songs, ghazals, and poems, I have always been fascinated by writer and singers of Pakistan.

Singers like Abeeda Parveen, Farida Khanum, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Nayyara Noor and many writers like Muhammad Iqbal, Qateel Shifai, “Faiz”, and Ahmed Faraz have done magnificent work in their field and gave us a treasure to live with. To cherish human emotions with their words and soulful voices.

Today, while listening Pakistani songs on YouTube, I got a suggestion of heart rendering poem which was about one of the deadliest attacks on the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan two years back. It was an unfortunate day for 132 innocent children of Army Public Schools and also for the entire human race.

Those innocent children, When they had waved their hands saying “goodbye” to their mothers, whose mothers would have thought that it was last glimpses of their children’s lovely faces? Who would have thought that steps their children taking towards school would be a one-way journey? Who would have thought that the school dresses they were wearing will be torn apart with bloodshed on it?

It is even unbearable to think about such a brutal act. But some coward, stone-heart terrorists made this fatal thoughts reality.

On this incident, someone has written a woeful poem, which was recited on Pakistani news channel name Ary News.

My friend, Pradip Chavda has tried to translate it as near as possible from Hindi.

Mother, had I not gone to school today,
I would have seen you today.

I am thirsting to hear your voice,
Look, Mother, I am hearing explosions instead.

Everyone around me is crying for their mothers
Why are they killing us, Mother?

I could not eat the two roti you gave
My stomach is filled with bullets, mother.

Tell papa not to come to take me
I will not be able to see him carrying my coffin.

Mother, do not lose your courage
Do not cry for being any longer in your life.

My toys, my books, and my satchel
I know your eyes would be awaiting my return

Tell brother I will no longer speak to him
Our childhood relation has come to an end

Tell my sister, not to cry for me
But tell her to put a flower in my photo.

I shall now remain in your thoughts, words
Mother, but I will not come back.
Mother, I will not be able to come back.


It would have been impossible to weight off their heart who have lost their loved ones in this incident. It is very cheap words on such woe, but still, I would pray for their soul, May they rest in peace.


  • The weapons recovered from terrorists have Pakistani marking as per officials.
  • Pakistan has become terror heaven since last decade. They must stop their double standards on terrorism, and stop feeding them.
  • It would be biased to classify creativity and arts with a specific nation. I have mentioned those names as a remark of Pakistan’s wide contribution in Ghazals and Singing.
  • While I was writing this post, a friend of mine informed me about recent terror attack carried out by some like of group daemon on Indian Army battalion administrative office, Uri-Jammu, and Kashmir in which 18 Indian Army Jawaan were martyred. It is our poor luck that we have to face such atrocities. Every such terror attack anywhere in this world brings scar on the human race. May that 17 martyr who lived for the nation and gave their lives protecting us rest in peace.

Written by Keval Gohil

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